I bet this is not the first blog you’re reading on this topic. We are all trying to be happy, in fact, philosophers belive that happiness itself is our highest value (or so called intrinsic value), why everything we do, we do it for the sake of reaching the state of happiness.

Because of human’s constant search for happiness there is a lot of different advice we can get on this matter. Although, I’ve always been more interested in the fundament of things. The inner core. The highest, simplest truth.

This is what I found out: In order to be happy you have to be yourself.

It sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? But to be honest with you right away, it is not that simple at all. To be yourself you have to know who you are really well and that is the discovering process of a lifetime. To know yourself, really is to know the universe. It’s the greatest, most informative, also the most neccessary research you’ll ever do.

But why do you really have to know yourself to be happy?

By knowing who you are you’ll become your best friend, self-healer and a your safe haven. You will be free, independent and strong. You’ll place happiness and love in yourself, not needing to search it anywhere else. Don’t get me wrong, that doesn’t mean you’ll become a hermit, rather than that you will start to illuminate this great energy, that will attract even more love and other kind of awesomeness into your life.  Furthermore, you’ll know what to choose, because you’ll know what you want. You’ll be startled and amazed by how effectively you’ll begin putting the puzzles together and building a life that serves you greately.

How to be yourself:

  1. discover yourself
  2. accept yourself
  3. build the confidence to be yourself

1. Discovering yourself is a proccess with infinite duration, why you are a vast, ever-changing being. Because of that, you have to be open to it all the time. Self neglection in this manner comes with pain and confusion. Self discovery is also a big part of mental growth.

2. When the real you starts coming to surface, you have to accept it. Some parts of your personality may bother you, so you’ll have to work on yourself even further to change them. But don’t get stuck on looking only at the negative parts. Look at all the good you are and realise how amazing your personality is, how only you posess this combination of traits. That is loving yourself. It’s not a narcissistic love, but a healthy self- love that is crucial for confidence. Narcissism doesn’t derive from that state of love and acceptance, but fear and self-consciousness. Only when you start to love yourself, others can start loving you. In romantic love things can actually come from the other direction, but the consequences might be devestating.

3. Now when you are happy with yourself, you have to be happy with showing the true you to the world. For that, you will have to be confident. This is the type of confidence when you trust the universe, that everyhing will be alright, that the right people and situations will appear at the right time, if you show your true colors.

Red Hot Chili Peppers always striked me as a good example of people who are doing exactly what they want and succeeding at it. They are weird and they own their weirdness. Note that being weird is many times just being yourself. They are 100% themselves and that kind of baldness is very attractive towards many people. They have putten no filters on their creativity so it came out pure and unique.  Universe supports that kind of attitude, just look at their enormous success. To add, they are also one of the most loving, spiritually evolved bands and their energy is amazing.

Stay chill,

Dolores Duh



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