Many of us don’t know ourselves, because we are too busy with the outside world. Being busy with the outside world may not mean we are stressed, we might actually be doing things that make us feel good … at least to some point. But occupying yourself with only the »outer activities« will start to resemble as a distraction. To keep yourself in balance you ought to be in touch with your inner world. Take time for yourself away from others – physically and mentally.

Keep in mind that self-discovery is an evergoing process, as I have stated in my former post. There is no definition that can be placed upon a developing person, why that individual is always changing, reaching higher. Due to that, we have to constanly be in touch with our inner world. It can quickly happen that we get distracted and »fall off the horse«.

How to truly be happy:

How to do it:
Regularly take days off – »seclude« yourself from others. Occupy your mind with information that doesn’t include anyone you are emotional attached to. What I do, is to socialise as minimally as I can, on these days. I even turn off my social media – my goal is to think about others as little as possible. But that is not doable if I don’t occupy my mind with something else, so I read or watch videos that makes me think deeper. Topics are mostly about personal growth, spirituality (ancient astrology, ancient symbolism etc.) or quantum physics. In general I prefer contents that remind of being a part of something greater, which makes me feel at peace.
After that, I dwell on the gathered information. I let my mind wander, for few hours if neccessary. I don’t care about the »outer realm« at all. It’s just me at this point.
The other thing I like to do is to play quizes. I know how this sounds, but let me explain…It’s not so much about the result as to the process…quizes are set from questions that you are forced to answer. The answers you choose are a formed and punctual information of your inner proccesses. Not every result may apply to you, but some of them will, which is still very benefitial. You will become more attentive towards your new findings, which will lead you to more and more of them. You’ll enjoy the process, trust me.
Quizes I use:
• Well structured and well explained. Almost spooky how accurate:
• A bit outdated and not structured too well, although I love how to the point answers are:

As I have said many times now, you have to not just discover yourself, but also stay in touch with your inner world. This is a very delicate process and it can quickly fall apart. What has helped me is to at the end of every day take some time off (approximately 15 minutes) and think about what the universe has thought me today. I write thoughts in a little note book. When you feel bad you can also read through your old notes and surely find a sollution or at least a good »support«. It works very well for me. The thing is that we people learn hard, buy forget easily. If you learn something important, something that has helped you brighten up your day or solve your issue, you don’t want to forget it for the time when the same or simmilar issue might come around again.

These are the things that help me, so take them as an advice and not as a rule. Find and apply to yourself the methods that you feel (feel, not think) as benefitial to you.

Stay chill,
Dolores Duh


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