Many of us are overthinkers, thinking our lifes away…I’m not going to lie, I’ve been there and still am sometimes. Nevertheless, I never wanted to give in, so I’ve began studying how overthiking works and how to eliminate it effectively.

I’ve discovered some things I want to share with you, so hopefully, this article will help you to control your broodings, to be more relaxed and effective at achieving you goals.

The effects of ovethinking are far from good

Excessive thinking is harmful, because it kills the natural, easiest and simplest progress of achieving the desired.

The reasons for that lay in the yin-yang

Everything in exsistence has 2 sides. A positive one and a negative one. When we feel the drive for achieving something, we manly see and feel the pleasures of its positive side, which attract us towards the achievement of its source.

But, if we think too much about it, we start seeing both sides; not only the positive anymore, but also the nagative.

 It’s about our genes too

It’s good to realise that the subject has not just a positive side, but also a negative, although the problem is, that people are very reluctant towards negativity. It can overdrive our emotional state and make us deviate away from the desired.

This process 

is settled in our subconsciousness from the early days of humanity, where we needed to have this »alarming system« inbuilt to make us avoid getting into danger.

The danger back then was real, physical. We were in a constant threat of death. Today this »alarming sytstem« is more of a nuisance than a protection, because there really is no danger.

Eliminate the fear

As I have said, it’s good to see the whole spectrum of the situtation, but now when we know how this works, we are in the position where we can recognise the fear and eliminate it.

The awareness is acceptable, fear isn’t. Everything we can set our minds to, we can achieve. Fear is the only barrier.

But beware, fear can have many different intensities and forms: from the silent one, that passivates us, to the the very loud, alarming one, that not just passivates us into the degree of inactivity, but to the agree of running away. Consider this.

Eliminate the need

Thinking about things can also be solely pleasurable. But, if we start thinking too much and if we’re mentally putting us into potenital situtations, practicing for “when the time comes”, feeding us on the good emotions, we create a need, a need of obtaining the exact emotional goods in the pysical realm .

We become needy and hesitant to achieve our goal.

Every feeling of need is the message to the universe that you lack of something.

The universe works in a sence of leading you to the amplified emotional state of which you’re producing in the present. This is the famous law of attraction. Therefore, you will create more and more need, furthering yourself away from the goal.

Need is attachment

Also, need is just another word for the attachment, which is in the ancient religions, such as buddhism known as the root of all suffering.

To sum up, overthinking can produce fear or the feeling of need. Not neccesarily, but mostly. The cure for that is to stop overthinking, even if it feels good at first, furthermore, the key to the solution is also the knowladge you now obtain. 

Awareness will give you the power to be in the control over yourself. Always.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this subject in the comment section below :).

Stay chill,

Dolores Duh


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