Everything is always less tough or complicated than it seems

Have you ever had to do anything you were really scared of doing? Or, have you ever had to do some kind of a work, but you were procrastinating, because you thought it’s extremely complicated, and you became lazier with every next thought about it? I’m sure you did, I know I have, and I’m also sure that, looking back, it end up not being as hard or complicated for you as you were thinking it’s going to be.

The acknowledgement that things are easier than they seem, helps me to get to work more easily, and to even gather my courage when I need it. So stop thinking about doing it. Start doing it!

Nervousness into excitement

We become nervous when we are scared of failure. Nervousness slows us down, make us reluctant towards it’s source, that many times is an inevitable task. But you know what I found out? Nervousness and excitement are not far apart. There is a switch between them, that is quite easy to be turned on or off. When you’re nervous, tell yourself: »I’m actually really excited to see how this will go«, rather then: »oh, I’m so scared«. You’ll instantly feel stimulated and ready for work. It helps me a lot.

Little things count

This goes in both ways; about what you do and what happens to you. Small good deeds you do or happen to you should be honored, because they sum total into a good day. Being grateful for small things will put you at peace and make you happy.

Every evening, before falling asleep, I walk through the day in my mind, from the beginning to the end, and thank for everything good that happened to me. I also provide my thanks with reasons. Trust me, this is a must for a happy life, if not even more. It’s the source of happiness.

Beautiful things can go unnoted, if the person they are occurring to is ungrateful.

Never worry

Worrying is one of the most inefficient and unproductive state of minds. It really does NOTHING good for you…but yet we worry so much, thinking »what if this or that will go wrong« and so on.

Let’s break it into pieces. Why do we even worry? We worry because we fear of how something will result. Why do we doubt the results? We doubt the results either because we are not confident enough to confess to ourselves we’ve done a sufficient amount of work, either we truly haven’t done enough to satisfy our goals.

The solution: always do what you have to, meaning you make as much effort as you commit yourself  to make. Everything else is not in your hands anymore, so worrying would be absolutely meaningless.

And one more thing: emotions and thoughts attract similar thoughts and emotions, that manifest into occurrences. Worry is a negative state of mind (emotions and thoughts), therefore it attracts more of the similar, which can result more than in even worse being, but also in occurrences.

So have you ever thought, why people who worry less are, in many cases, more successful and generally happier? Well, you’ve got the answer now.

Path may not be optimal, but it leads on

This might be one of the most important things I’’ve learnt in 2016. In one period there was a constant search for a better, optimal “standing point”, from where I could continue my journey to success.  It was quite exhausting. I haven’t found any solution that would suit me…except one, which was the simplest: acceptation of the current circumstances. When I accepted them, I finally started to move on from where I stood and made progress.


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